We are dedicated to support clients in maintaining the integrity of their hair. We are committed to empowering clients in embracing their natural curls.

In so doing we launched a line of products to assist and maintain the healthy hair of our clients.

Developed from the love of natural hair, Natural Masters by New Beginnings hair care line is specially formulated to prevent hair breakage, hydrate and revive dry brittle hair of all types.

For almost 30 years, the architects behind the brand have worked with a variety of hair types and textures to produce the perfect combination of essential moisture-based ingredients for healthier hair.


CEO/ Master Stylist

CEO/ Master Stylist, Pauline Fairclough is no ordinary stylist. Led by family and guided through Faith, Pauline has established a successful career in the beauty industry for almost 30 years. Living by the motto “I AM NOT MY HAIR” Pauline hascreated a culture in her salon that leaves every client feeling important, confident, and prideful within their own skin. Founded two decades ago as New Beginnings Beauty Salon, Pauline transformed her brand into New Beginnings Natural Hair Studio after perfecting her own technique using straw and rodsets to accentuate the beauty in natural curls. Pauline uses her scissors to masterfully sculpt the perfect look for each client and a vibrant mix of color with any style.

After years of mastering her craft and developing a reputation specializing in natural hair, Pauline with daughter and protege Togia launched Natural Masters by New Beginnings hair careline. The products are specially formulated to prevent hair breakage, hydrate, and revive dry brittle hair of all types. The mother daughter duo and passion birthed a diverse line including shampoos, conditioners, serums, growth oils, mousse, and hair vitamins.

From the small town of Trelawny Jamaica, surrounded by entrepreneurs such as her parents and siblings, Pauline developed a keen sense of work ethic that would groom her be a boss. Exposed to the beauty industry as a teen while working in her sister's salon, today, Pauline pays it forward by mentoring young women with a passion for hair care in her own salon.

Master Stylist

Togia began her career in the salon industry over 10 years ago. She was confident at an early age that this was her passion. When asked why she chose this industry she said,

"I used to run to my mom's shop everyday after school just to start practicing on the mannequins hair, I loved when I perfected a new style, and my mom complimented it. “

She has been my biggest role model, and I aspire to be just like her some day or better.” Togia is educated in and loves all aspects of hair design, but her favorite is weaving and natural hairstyles. Her talent and pride really shows in her work. Seeing her vision come to life or her clients leaving the salon looking fabulous truly makes her day!


Our product line is designed to assist our clients with maintaing healthy hair. They are Hair-stylist made, Organic, Toxin free, for all hair types and AFFORDABLE.



We use natural and plant based ingredients that are safe and healthy for body and hair. We believe in safety and what you would not put in your body should not go on your hair!

Hence, we developed holistic and plant based vitamins to help with your overall hair care and development. A Healthy Body, a Healthy Hair and even Healthier YOU!

We carefully orchestrated this product line to meet all your haire care needs.


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