5 Ways To Maintain Your Colored Hair This Summer!

5 Ways To Maintain Your Colored Hair This Summer!

Our Natural Hair is like a plant that needs to be watered and taken care of. As a matter of fact - just as we take care of all the other areas of our body – we must take care of our hair!

The key to healthy natural hair is MOISTURE! MOISTURE! MOISTURE! Regardless of the health of the hair it needs moisture.

1.Hydrate and treat your colored hair.
-at least twice monthly, set your hair appointment or grab your DYI kit (with products from professionals of course! LOL). Get yourself a hydration steam treatment. This treatment helps
to retain and restore moisture to the hair which the coloring process would have robbed the hair of.

2. Add Daily Moisture
-reiterating that our natural hair needs MOISTURE! Make it a routine to add a water-based moisture crème/mist to your hair and lock it in with a conditioning oil! (See below our
recommendations on use of both type of products). Hydration Mist with Argan oil for locks and Moisture Blast with Smoothing Serum for regular hair.

3. Reduce the amount of sun exposure on colored hair.
- your hair is already tender with the color. Adding prolonged sun exposure can cause damage and increase the dryness which can ultimately lead to breaking your hair – we don’t want that now
do we?

4. Limit the amount of heat added to the hair while it is colored
-a daily silk press? Sis; no! no! Try different styles to bring out those curls, coils and waves. Natural Masters Hydrating Curl Mousse is your best friend in that department!

5. We know it is hot but that pool water is doing your hair no good
-a few times yes~(a week, or month or the entire summer) but if you have to go in everyday then cover your hair. The added chemicals in that water along with the color creates a combination that can result in hair breakage. No matter the color, be it organic or not, pool water is damaging to the hair.


Hydrate your hair and quench its thirst!
Be proactive and get your moisture generated products
from Natural Masters by New Beginnings today.

Have a Happy and Safe Summer!