Fall is here! What does that mean for your hair?

Fall is here! What does that mean for your hair?

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year, but the change in season can really take its toll on our skin and hair – how are we protecting ourselves through this?

Moisture is the key. Yes, always!  As we emphasize this, we do recommend protective styles in this time; it serves to do just that -protect!

Braids and any crochet styles are the go-to in this department and rightly so as they allow for the right amount of versatility and are long lasting styles. Can you imagine being able to just get up, shake and go?  I can, it gives one less thing to worry about.

It is also important to feel as beautiful as you are in a season that require all the wardrobe layers. You guessed it; your hair needs the layers too. Cover your skin and not your hair? That doesn’t sound right or fair to your hair.  At Natural Masters, we know not only how to do a great braid and crochet style that adds that layer of protection but also leaves you feeling and looking fabulous!

Our emphasis on hair care is not nearly exaggerated – there is not a chance we would encourage a style that we don’t prep for. In getting you that protective style – a steam treatment is administered during the wash process. Steam treatments are one of the best things that you can do to pamper your hair. The moist heat from our steamers helps encourage blood flow to circulate while promoting healthy hair growth. Your hair will be sure to thank you for keeping it moist and hydrated while it is locked away.

Natural Masters Moisture Mist

Treat your hair, don’t trick your hair. Maintain the care of your natural hair with the right frizz control and highly moisturized products. It is even more important with these protective styles that our hair needs, can, wants and should be moisturized. Natural Masters have two key products that when used regularly; particularly with protective styles, will ensure that your hair stays moisturized, and your roots are strengthened.

Natural Masters Growth Oil

We recommend that you get them both, spray daily with the Moisture Mist on the scalp and portion of the braid with your natural hair and seal it all in with drops of the Growth Oil for strengthening. 


Lovely braids

HAPPY FALL! Let’s not let your appearance fall – keep up your look with a lasting and protective style from the  Natural Masters along with the products to keep your hair moisturized! Visit our salon soon for both style and products.