It is cold. What happens to my hair now?

It is cold. What happens to my hair now?

A lot can happen to your hair in the colder months such as dryness, breakage, frizz, thinning and just overall damage and an unhealthy look and feel. Maintaining our hair in a season that is meant for everything else but yourself is hard but necessary especially if we want to maintain a happy and healthy hair. The season has all different experiences from rushing out, taking care of the home, creating entertainment we never expected - from a mini dance party to a mini restaurant but amidst all these excitements what do we do?

We add protective styles! Styles that are GET UP & GO - STAY IN & SLAY! Either way you get to entertain looking like an entertainer; FAB!

There are many things we deny ourselves, especially in the Christmas Season when gifts are giving and we forget to give to ourselves. Some things are not worth going without and your hair needs that care. This Christmas, with the help of Natural Masters you get to give the gift of moisture to yourself or other loved ones. We are making sure that this winter and holiday season - you don’t deprive your hair. Just how are we doing that? We have created Holiday Packages with products to combat this drying season, I’ll let you in on the secrets soon.

I know you are curious as to why your hair is worse in the winter than the summer.  This is  because cold air contains less moisture than warm air, which then dries your hair out and just like a leaf, when it is dry it crumbles. This dry air sucks moisture not only from the hair but from the scalp and it is important to maintain a healthy scalp for obvious reasons.

To fight this, prolong winter hair trouble, prevent damage, breakages and hair loss, you need to keep the hair moisturized. We can’t exaggerate enough that natural hair needs MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE!

We have gathered some tips to use in these winter months 

  • Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week or twice a month; this will help your hair retain that well needed moisture (check out our STEAM CARE PACKAGE)
  • Get regular trims; a trim is recommended every 3 or 4 months to relive the hair of split ends and prevent damage from spreading throughout hair
  • Avoid heat styling; applying heat to the hair dries the hair out and remember what we said earlier about the cold air, that definitely sounds like double damage
  • Seal your hair and especially your ends; apply a repair oil to seal the moisture in your hair and repair any split ends. Our SMOOTHING SERUM is perfect for this.
  • Treat yourself to some silk pillowcases this winter; yes we said treat yourself and your hair will love you for it. This helps to protect your hair like a silk/satin bonnet does while also retaining the moisture.
  • Find your favorite protective styles and rock it!

Let’s drop the gems!

Our Holiday Packages consist of a WINTER KIT, a PROTECTIVE STYLE KIT and a STEAM CARE PACKAGE (read our previous blog to learn how this can help your hair).

The Winter Kit will be loaded with our growth oil, moisture blast, smoothing serum and hair vitamin gummies. Imagine a box full of hair strengthening, hair hydrating, hair repairing hair growing goodness.

For our Protective Style Queens this Protective Style Kit is to hydrate and moisturize your hair while protecting it. The Argan oil will add incredible moisture, the hydration mist helps maintain healthy scalp, the growth oil nourishes and the hair vitamin gummies are the ultimate supplements for your hair.                      

We weren’t joking when we say GIVE THE GIFT OF MOISTURE this holiday to both you and all your loved ones.